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Stephan on WTJU, Saturday August 11, 9am

News Jul 29, 2018 No Comments

Stephan will be on UVA”s radio Station, WTJU 91.1 at 9am on Aug. 11 discussing the release of his new single ‘We The People,’ and the music video directed by Matt Kohn (Call It Democracy), made collaboratively with Charlottesville and Richmond, VA youth, organizations, and the acclaimed One Voice Chorus. Tune In!

Hurricane Harvey

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Stephan and borderless are in Houston helping with relief efforts and filming for borderless in the midst of Hurricane Harvey. Check out borderless website for details, including this moving video from  one of Houston’s hardest hit neighborhoods, Homestead.

The Answer To Nationalist Populism is Global Populism

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Bring out the inspiration

Bring out the new American poetic tradition

The new global poetic and musical movements

That unite people of all races, colors and religions

In the fight for global economic and social equality


This is the populism that tramples the demagogues

Not a fake populism that is nationalist, inegalitarian, isolationist and closed

But real populism that is universal, global and post-national,

True populism is borderless

It is the truth that resides in every heart of everyone from Talahassee to Timbuktu

It says that we are all equals, and must be,

If there will be peace

It says that the farmers and factory workers from Harlem to the Heartland

are the same as the farmers and factory workers and engineers and doctors

in Iraq, in South Africa, in Mexico, Russia, in every country

And that there is a global class of monetary and power elites that are oppressing all of us

And destroying our planet

It is a populism that knows both communism and capitalism have failed to be sustainable

And that we must boldly create a new way

That compels us to come together and usher in an era of mutual responsibility

Across the world


It is time to make good on

Our age-old birth rite

the day when all people live as equals

The dream Isaiah, Christ, Mohamed, Buddha, all dreamt of

The truth that unites us all


Let’s slam dunk the fake populists

And give birth to a new global populism

Let’s demand equality across borders

between all nations, races and religions

Between humanity and nature

Then there will be peace

The answer to nationalist populism

Is global populism

Stephan Said and difrent: launch ‘borderless’

News Jun 19, 2016 No Comments

On May 30, 2016, Stephan and the difrent: team launched borderless, an groundbreaking new docu-series and media platform featuring and connecting people at the frontlines of change. At the same time they went live with the new thisisborderless.com wesbite and social networking sites, Stephan and the film crew went live in refugee camps across Greece, where they began filming the third episode in the traveling series which began with its first pilot episode in Iraq just before ISIS invaded. The second episode was filmed in Pakistan where several of the featured and partnering organizations collaborated with Stephan and the borderless team to produce an historic concert for global unity in the country’s capitol, Karachi. Check out the new series, and follow borderless online on facebook, twitter, instagram and elsewhere.

The Orchard Distributing Stephan’s Catalog!

Music/Video May 02, 2016 No Comments

The Orchard is distributing Stephan’s entire catalog except his 1999 Rounder Records debut “Now’s The Time.” This means that all of Stephan’s material is available across the world on all platforms, with previously unavailable albums and EP’s coming soon. Stay tuned for updates! For now, check out his music page for albums that are now available. Already available through platform worldwide via iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, and more are Stephan’s albums difrent:, Slash and Burn, New World Worder, and The Bell. Previously unreleased albums and material, as well as future albums to come will be released and we’ll update you. For updates, join Stephan’s mailing list here

Stephan’s op-ed “The Solution to Extremism is Global Equality”

News May 02, 2016 No Comments

Here’s Stephan’s widely circulated op-ed about the antidote to extremism, and the need to build a movement for economic and social equality.

#lighttheworld Pakistan in Dawn News

Music/Video Nov 05, 2015 No Comments

Artist On Tour For Peace Holds Concert“ The concert for global unity at Port Grand in Karachi, Pakistan was a huge success, and an unprecedented call for peace and unity rising from the region. This great piece in the Pakistan’s biggest English newspaper, Dawn, speaks about the concert, in which Stephan sang in several languages including English, Urdu, Arabic, French, and Hungarian. He was joined by the country’s most beloved Qawwal’s, Farid Ayaz, Abu Muhammad and Qawwals, for his “Love, Make The World Go Round,” as images of thousands of Pakistani youth who made signs for unity were projected from a large backdrop behind them, and the audience also joined, making and holding signs for peace and unity.

Stephan’s latest op-ed – School Shooting’s, We’re missing the Mark

News Nov 05, 2015 No Comments

My latest op-ed, “The Cause Of School Shooting’s, We’re missing the Mark” has sparked conversation about the need to get beyond the symptoms of child school shootings and get to their cause. Most importantly, I believe, we have to speak to our youth, and listen to them, and we have to stop telling them what we think is their problem. They know what is bothering them. Haivng written several songs about the issue since the start of the epidemic, and spoken with thousands of youth at colleges and high schools across the United States on my tours, this is about what I know to be the truth, not some academic or other politically motivated idea postulated from an office far-removed from the source.

Engaged Lives: Stephan Said at The New School

News Sep 07, 2014 No Comments

Stephan Said is interviewed by the Dean of the New School, David Scobie, on his career and on the launch of his #LightTheWorld global video and tour.

GRITtv Interviews Stephan on his trip to Iraq and new single, video for global unity

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Host Laura Flanders sits down with Stephan for this GRITtv interview about his trip to Iraq and his new single and video, “Love, Make The World Go Round.” Here’s the summary from GRITtv’s website, with links to check out the interview and share it in a number of different formats.
Stephan Said: Bringing Positive News From Iraq

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