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Stephan Sings What Is America at Foley Square 11.11.11

Music/Video Dec 14, 2011 No Comments

Live at the Veterans Day OWS concert with Joan Baez and others, video by Sandi Bachom.

Stephan Said Releases NextWorld Player and difrent: Videos To Build Global Movement

News Dec 14, 2011 No Comments

Stephan Said launches a NextWorld Player of songs to build the global movement, as well as interviews with South African Anti-Apartheid hero Vusi Mahlasela, Warren Haynes, Amadou and Mariam, Pete Seeger and more calling on musicians to sing freedom songs with via, the one-stop for music and culture for social change. See the page Musicians Unite To Build difrent: Music and Culture for the Global Movement.

Go to the page at difrent:’s website or difrent:’s YouTube channel for videos of South African Anti-Apartheid hero Vusi Mahlasela (pictured here), Warren Haynes, Amadou and Mariam and others calling on artists worldwide to unite in singing for social change.