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Love, Make The World Go Round

Music/Video Jun 18, 2013 No Comments

“Love, Make The World Go Round” is out on iTunes! Share it with your friends and pick up one or a dozen copies, it’s just 99 cents and every purchase will help spread an anthem to unite the world, beginning from the streets of our generation’s biggest conflict. The track was co-produced by yours truly and Mark Plati (David Bowie, Rachid Taha, Charlie Winston), and recorded in the weeks before I took off to finally go home to Iraq to see my family and meet and work with young changemakers there to make the historic video for global unity. Together, we can spread a song that rises from the people, for the people, in every nation. Thanks, Stephan

An Anthem For Global Unity Rises From Iraq

News Jun 18, 2013 No Comments
Dear Friends, here it is: The link to the music video for global unity shot on the streets of Baghdad with hundreds of youth while 4 bombs went off across the city. Love, Make The World Go Round!
You know what to do with this. Don’t just like it, please post it and share it on your facebook pages, twitter and send it to your email lists. If the idea of our generation’s anthem for peace and equality can rise from the ashes of our biggest war, then we can make it spread around the world and say, “It’s Time.” The song is also out on iTuneswhere every time you or someone else purchases it, it will fund not only spreading this far and wide, but future projects in cities across the world that elevate the voices of youth making the change we need to see. It’s up to us to make this happen.
We CAN build a non-violent global movement for a more equal economic system. We must, and this is a powerful start. Take 1 minute and write your belief that we can create change on a level humankind has always waited for, and upload your cell-phone picture or video to the global FB conversation. 1 minute, no more is needed. Write me to help or get involved and let’s make events and discussions happen in your community wherever you are. And, stay tuned for more exciting news in the days and weeks to come.
Here are the links:
twitter: @stephansaid
Love and courage,