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#lighttheworld Pakistan in Dawn News

Music/Video Nov 05, 2015 No Comments

Artist On Tour For Peace Holds Concert”┬áThe concert for global unity at Port Grand in Karachi, Pakistan was a huge success, and an unprecedented call for peace and unity rising from the region. This great piece in the Pakistan’s biggest English newspaper, Dawn, speaks about the concert, in which Stephan sang in several languages including English, Urdu, Arabic, French, and Hungarian. He was joined by the country’s most beloved Qawwal’s, Farid Ayaz, Abu Muhammad and Qawwals, for his “Love, Make The World Go Round,” as images of thousands of Pakistani youth who made signs for unity were projected from a large backdrop behind them, and the audience also joined, making and holding signs for peace and unity.

Stephan’s latest op-ed – School Shooting’s, We’re missing the Mark

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My latest op-ed, “The Cause Of School Shooting’s, We’re missing the Mark”┬áhas sparked conversation about the need to get beyond the symptoms of child school shootings and get to their cause. Most importantly, I believe, we have to speak to our youth, and listen to them, and we have to stop telling them what we think is their problem. They know what is bothering them. Haivng written several songs about the issue since the start of the epidemic, and spoken with thousands of youth at colleges and high schools across the United States on my tours, this is about what I know to be the truth, not some academic or other politically motivated idea postulated from an office far-removed from the source.