Press Clips


“Ask which musicians made the greatest political statements of the past 50 years and names such as John Lennon, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan will likely come to mind. Yet to that esteemed list we add Stephan [Said].” – Athens Magazine

“This generation’s Woody Guthrie.” – Billboard Magazine

“The clearest voice of the protest movement rising up out of Seattle.” – Jam TV/ Rolling Stone Network

“Opening your album with a title track decrying  the consolidation of power in the music industry, naming  names in the process, is a moderately impressive act, but making the song sound like Phil Ochs as backed by the Roots is a conceit of enjoyably perverse genius.” – All Music Review

“He has been compared to Woody Guthrie and Bruce Springsteen. It’s easy to see why” – Ed Condran, Gannett News Service

“Stephan [Said], with his reedy voice, acoustic guitar and earnest topical songs such as ‘The Ballad of Abner Louima’ (with Patti Smith), recalls Bob Dylan in his early days.” – Jon Pareles, The New York Times

“Stephan [Said] is a poet with politics who sings folk-rap that rocks, like Chuck D channeling Woody Guthrie, guaranteed to educate, agitate and motivate.” – Jim Hightower

“Stephan [Said] is an incredible songwriter and musician. Keep your ears open. You will see him in the future.” – Dave Matthews

So Strong is the buzz on Mr. [Said] that he was asked by the grandfather of American folk music, Pete Seeger, to update perhaps the nation’s most famous protest anthem, “We Shall Overcome.” – The New York Times