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أحب عيشة الحرية On Jan. 29, Stephan released “Aheb Eisht Al Hurriyeh, “I love the life of freedom.” (VIDEO) (MP3) Stephan’s version of the anthem written by Egyptian poet-laureate Ahmed Rami and first recorded by legendary composer Mohamed Abdel Wahab in the 1930’s was recorded for the new album difrent before the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings began. Produced by Grammy Winning producer Hal Willner, directed by Matt Kohn, the video was one of the first songs to help propel the Arab Spring. We love the life of freedom. This is our moment!

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  1. Reply An Anthem for Arab Freedom | says:

    […] A video (in familiar Bob Dylan-Subterranean Homesick Blues-style) created by Stephan Said shows the musician-activist with a notebook and the lyrics in simple script while the song plays. Said released the video “to be used freely by all those who are working to build the international movement for a more just society,” and invites viewers to create your own audio and video remix. […]

  2. Reply Kevin Vance says:

    Is there an English translation or interpretation of this song?

    • Reply stephan says:

      A poetic translation is in the postcards of the video. Here they are

      I love the life of freedom
      Like the birds love being in the trees
      When I surrounded by people I love
      The whole world is my country
      I will sleep in peace wherever I am
      I change as the world changes
      With each new day
      Wherever my heart takes me
      Because it loves the life of freedom

      Beauty in this world comes in many colors
      that lifts the heart and soul
      Beauty is playful beauty is entrancing
      It fulfills your heart no matter where you’re from
      When the moon rises it shines on your lover
      the heart is happiest when the absent lover returns
      The gentle breeze is awakening the sleepy blossoms
      awakening my dreams and thoughts
      like the birds amongst the trees
      we love the life of freedom

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