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Stephan Sings What Is America at Foley Square 11.11.11

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Live at the Veterans Day OWS concert with Joan Baez and others, video by Sandi Bachom.

Stephan Said Releases NextWorld Player and difrent: Videos To Build Global Movement

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Stephan Said launches a NextWorld Player of songs to build the global movement, as well as interviews with South African Anti-Apartheid hero Vusi Mahlasela, Warren Haynes, Amadou and Mariam, Pete Seeger and more calling on musicians to sing freedom songs with via, the one-stop for music and culture for social change. See the page Musicians Unite To Build difrent: Music and Culture for the Global Movement.

Go to the page at difrent:’s website or difrent:’s YouTube channel for videos of South African Anti-Apartheid hero Vusi Mahlasela (pictured here), Warren Haynes, Amadou and Mariam and others calling on artists worldwide to unite in singing for social change.

Time Magazine on Stephan his Music and the Occupy Movement

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Time Magazine’s article on Stephan chronicling his role in helping ignite both the Arab Spring and th Occupy Movements and his vision for a global movement!

Aslan Media: Stephan Said: Changing the World Through Music

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Here are Part 1 and Part 2 of Aslan Media’s article and interview with Stephan this month from their new music Monday’s series.

difrent: an album dedicated to building the international movement for change

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The infectious new album that presaged both the Arab Spring and and Occupy Wall St. Movement with it’s call for a non-violent international movment for a more equitable global society. Anthems in English, Arabic, French. You can order digital copies on iTunes HERE! Physical copies with Mariko Jesse’s beautiful illustrations and Stephan’s liner notes that called for uniting movements worldwide on Sept. 9, 2011 in The Progressive can be ordered on the Music page via paypal!


K-Salaam and Beatnick remix Take A Stand!

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Download the new remix of Take A Stand by K-Salaam an Beatnick, HERE! They take Stephan’s global hiphopfolkraprockpunkcountry anthem for unity to another dimension. Check out their site

Stephan Sings live on Democracy Now from Liberty Plaza

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Here’s Democracy Now’s live footage of Stephan singing Take A Stand, Another World Is Possible and The Bell for Amy Goodman and the crowds at Liberty Plaza/Zuccotti Park.

Al Ahram publishes “Aheb Aisht Al Huriyah” at Liberty Plaza

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The biggest Egyptian, and Arabic newspaper found this video of Stephan leading people in New York chanting “I Love The Life of Freedom” in Arabic from the first week the Occupy movement began! Global!

NPR Talk of the Nation on difrent, Occupy Wall Street & building a global movement

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NPR’s Neal Conan speaks with Stephan on Talk of The Nation about his new album, rising from blacklisting to foreshadowing the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street with the new album.

PRI’s The World interviews Stephan about difrent:

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On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, PRI’s The World talked to Stephan about his upcoming album and difrent, his biggest global initiative for peace, and how his experience of having been blacklisted as a prominent Arab American voice for peace inspired his dream to unite people worldwide.