A Global Music Video & Tour For Change!

Love, Make The World Go Round “يا حب، غيّر العالم”.

ايها الاصدقاء , العنف يضرب مصر , العراق , سوريا , لبنان و باكستان , لقد غنيت هذا النشيد للوحدة العالمية . لنجعل صوت اللاعنف , المساواة و التغيير يصدح اعلى من اصوات البنادق و القنابل.
In a groundbreaking effort with dotsub.com, people can choose their language on Youtube by clicking the ‘cc’ icon, setting a new bar for videos breaking borders for change (see below!). Anyone can upload their language. It’s already up in Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Maori, & English.
Let’s get this message out and get people across the world to post images with messages of equality, peace, & tolerance in many languages. Here’s an interview this week on The Laura Flander’s Show and the link to download the song from iTunes for more info.