The Answer To Nationalist Populism is Global Populism

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Bring out the inspiration

Bring out the new American poetic tradition

The new global poetic and musical movements

That unite people of all races, colors and religions

In the fight for global economic and social equality


This is the populism that tramples the demagogues

Not a fake populism that is nationalist, inegalitarian, isolationist and closed

But real populism that is universal, global and post-national,

True populism is borderless

It is the truth that resides in every heart of everyone from Talahassee to Timbuktu

It says that we are all equals, and must be,

If there will be peace

It says that the farmers and factory workers from Harlem to the Heartland

are the same as the farmers and factory workers and engineers and doctors

in Iraq, in South Africa, in Mexico, Russia, in every country

And that there is a global class of monetary and power elites that are oppressing all of us

And destroying our planet

It is a populism that knows both communism and capitalism have failed to be sustainable

And that we must boldly create a new way

That compels us to come together and usher in an era of mutual responsibility

Across the world


It is time to make good on

Our age-old birth rite

the day when all people live as equals

The dream Isaiah, Christ, Mohamed, Buddha, all dreamt of

The truth that unites us all


Let’s slam dunk the fake populists

And give birth to a new global populism

Let’s demand equality across borders

between all nations, races and religions

Between humanity and nature

Then there will be peace

The answer to nationalist populism

Is global populism

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